Harrys diverse professional background provides a solid framework for connecting with people of different backgrounds and objectives. With interests and expertise in technology, marketing, graphic arts, photography and outdoor pursuits he is well prepared to address his clients real estate questions, as well as their long and short term expectations and real estate-related goals.

He has intimate knowledge of Northern Idaho and Northwest Montana, having first come to the areas in 1978. Drawn to the natural beauty and many similarities of where he grew up overseas, Harry committed to make Sandpoint more than just a place to visit annually. Now, as a Sandpoint property owner for over twenty years, and a dedicated Realtor and Associate Broker in Idaho and Montana, he will make sure that his clients benefit from his commitment, knowledge and experience.

If you have thought of spending more than just a vacation but a life-long adventure in our beautiful neighborhood Northern Idaho and NW Montana -- Harry will help you realize that dream.